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"Growing up, the walls of my family home were adorned with many artworks created by family members. Being exposed to art at a young age instilled in me a love for the craft.  Artists were respected and accepted in my family, allowing me the freedom to explore my creativity without fear of judgment. While I received little formal instruction, I taught myself through countless hours of practice and by studying various books and online courses.

Today, I love to weave stories and hidden meanings into my artwork. Working primarily with oils and watercolours, I also enjoy exploring printmaking, particularly solar etching, which allows me to execute detailed drawings closely to the original.

On any given day, you'll find me in my art studio, accompanied by my dogs and one of my four children, painting and chatting away. Occasionally, I collaborate with my partner, Mike Hooton, a talented potter, on ceramic projects. In September 2020, Mike and I had our first Duo Exhibition, "Unearthed," at the Mangawhai Member Gallery, where we showcased our collaborative works alongside our individual art forms.  Stay tuned for more details on our next exhibition in 2024!"

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