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Many, many naked ladies adorned the walls framed in my family home, it wasn't out of place for me, though it did raise a few eyebrows and cheeky smirks from visiting school friends.

An artist’s life was an accepted or even expected profession which gave me the permission to explore my talent freely.


Whilst this was accepted, my family were very hands off in any instruction on how, which led me to being self-taught through many hours of practice, utilizing any books and online courses I could access.


I love to weave stories and hidden meaning into my work. 

Painting primarily in Oils and Water colour, I also enjoy working in charcoal and chalk pastel, the latter especially with life drawings.  Lately I have been exploring printmaking, particularly solar etching as this allows my detailed drawings to be executed closely to the original.

Most days when at home, you will find me in my art studio, often accompanied by our dogs and one of our 4 children chatting away to me while I paint.

 Together with my partner Mike Hooton, a talented potter, we will occasionally collaborate on ceramic projects. 

In Sep of 2020 Mike and I had our first Duo Exhibition 'Unearthed' together at the Mangawhai Member Gallery. It was a successful showing of our collaborative works of art along with displaying our individual artforms.


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